About South African Masters Hockey

SA Masters Hockey was established in 1979, and is an affiliated member of SA Hockey, FIH and World Masters hockey. SA Masters is managed independently with its own executive committee and constitution aligned to the rules and governing policies advised by SA Hockey.

The members of SA Master Hockey constitutes of Provincial Masters associations from across the country. Each province runs and manages their own Masters hockey leagues which culminates in an annual IPT held under the auspices of SA Master Hockey and run by the local provincial organising committee. The Masters AGM also takes place annually at the IPT.

The culture and ethos of SA Masters is based on fair play and ‘for the love of the game’. It also aims to create awareness and community spirit amongst hockey players of all ages.

As Masters Hockey grows and grows in South Africa we have been fortunate to be exposed to, and take part in international competitions, namely the Masters Hockey World Cup and Grand Masters World Cup, both held every two years. These tournaments are massive events hosted by FIH, World Masters Hockey, and local organizing countries and draw many many master’s players from across the globe, across all age groups. Masters Indoor hockey is also starting to feature very strongly across the world and we look forward to setting this up in South Africa.

SAMHA Executive

President Reg Marais
Vice President Neil Midgely 
International Tournaments Mark Halgryn
Local Tournaments Liz Bailey
Secretary Sharon Barnard
Treasurer Piet Scholtz
Marketing and Communications Debbi Gates
Transformation Clarence Hardnick
Team Conditioning Elaine Harvey